Daisy Jo Bear  – Children’s Book Author

Daisy-Jo Bear has always been an author at heart, but doing the important job of raising 5 children in beautiful Western Australia had to come first. After making up stories night after night, year after year, Daisy-Jo received inspiration for this story in a dream! She knew right away that this one needed to be told. Combining her love of children, animals, and the environment, she shows compassion and love for the world we live in. 

Daisy-Jo hopes that children around the world will be inspired by the Green Fairy and take up her cause.

She also hopes that her book will one day be outdated! Imagine future generations saying “I don’t understand, what is single-use plastic and why was it in our seas?”

Now that would be amazing!

Extract from

The Green Fairy and the lost dog.


“ Human trash thrown away on whims,  Lands in our seas from overflowing bins”

For more recycling fun.

Daisy Jo Bear

The Green Fairy and the Lost Dog

An abandoned dog and a fairy on a mission! 

Not a tooth fairy, not a dream fairy, and certainly not a fairy godmother. 


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